City Council recently decided to make further adjustments to the 2021 budget. This comes after protests online and in person (led by APTP’s Defund OPD Committee) due to their approval of a budget on June 23rd that had no public review.

In the meantime over 100 people have taken our People’s Budget Survey. Some folks have mentioned wanting more details on the current city budget or wondered why the survey is limited to only the general fund. These are excellent questions, but exploring them is not accessible since the city only releases budget info as a database of line items (or summaries based on what they consider important).

To help answer these questions we made the following charts and a budget drill-down page. You can hover over lines in the chart to see the money amount.

General Fund vs Special Purpose

Some departments like Police and Fire get most of their money from general funds. Others like Human Services and Public Works receive mostly special funds.

Special Funds Breakdown

Remember those ballot measures? Wonder how federal housing or social grants are used in Oakland? This chart shows which department each special funding source goes to.

Full Chart

For completeness (and visual masochists), here is a chart showing how all sources go to each department.

Be sure to check out the budget drill-down page and get involved with the People’s Budget Amendment so we can have full participatory budgeting rather than trying to work around the current process by creating special funds every election.

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